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On here you will find a little about the artist.

Sidney Shepherd is an artist who’s music is diverse and has managed to bring many corners of the world together to make one sound, after all , the world understands one language which is common to all, “Music”.

From an early age, born in Zimbabwe, Sidney has had a lot of influences in Music from his Uncle having a well known band and from his every cheerful singing Grandma, Winnie, in whom he dedicates the song, “Thank You Mama”, written for his Mum, Grandma and his late mother in law.

Sidney has always had a vision that one day, he will gather many nations to make music together, it seems so, as his New and first Album as a solo artist, has a collection of All international artists from all parts of the world. Sidney has made a new break through in Gospel Music being the first artist to get  many nations together and make from Gospel, RnB with Highlife Afro Beats with a cocktail of Reggae, hence his Choir name is, “The All Nations Crew – Choir”.

Sidney was raised in the UK with his siblings, by his mother after his Grandma went to heaven in 1986. From the age of 14, Sidney lead two youth Choirs in South East London, where he wrote, taught music and has had various concerts travelling in the UK.
At the age of 18, he joined Rauch Choir and performed for Praise 2000 and Praise 2001 lead by the likes of Karen Gibson, Luke Smith on Keyboards, and many others.
He was then discovered to have a graceful tenor voice and could sing almost every part, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, to join Simon Wallace UKs Chosen Choir which released and Album.

After he graduated with 2:1 honors at The London Guildhall University, Sidney travelled to India with Christian Aid where he toured teaching songs and himself learning songs in different languages. He has travelled in almost 15 countries gathering musicians and learning about different cultures. There was no doubt that he would one day release an album, although it had taken almost 14 years to do so, he’d always been blessed enough to grow up around famous musicians in his church, such as De Champ (Colins Pratt), who had so much influence on Sidney, teaching him to play the Saxophone, drums, Bass Guitar and helped him improve on his self-taught piano skills. Sidney refused to learn how to read music, but was very keen to play all instruments by ear.


In 2006, Sidney went up the stage to sing with Teddy Riley in Concert featuring Blackstreet and Guy. Sidney amongst other fans, blew the whole stage, and has hopes to work with Teddy Riley on some fresh sounds.

His new album has various Artists such as Neresa Maye who has released albums, worked with Divine Divine a UK Gospel group, and sings with The London Gospel Community Choir. Sidney also worked with the American Star Dileesa Hunter who’s known for her unique vocals almost considered to be the fresh Kim Barrel. Also featuring on the Album is Lloyd Wade who has been in the business since early years with his brothers, The Wades, Lloyd is a close friend of Sidney, and has worked with a lot of artists which include Take That, Eliza Doolittle and currently is a close friend and co work with Simon Cowell.

Sidney worked along side one of the best known Music Producer, Chris Patrick from Rockizm, who brought a new fresh lick to what Sidney had himself produced a few years back. Chris brought the music to be more current.

On this album is a great song influenced by the S.O.S band, ” Just Be Good To Me”, as a young music/DJ,  Sidney has always loved Music from the 80s and early 90s which helped give birth to his song,” Lord You’re Good To Me”. There are also some music collaboration with Filipino, and Zimbabwean artists. So this is a beginning of greater things to come. Sidney had worked with some more disclosed artists to complete a whole new EP LORD YOU’RE GOOD TO ME in 2016.

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