What does the hire of a DJ involve?

A  mobile DJ hire brings the party to your event. We perform music for the full evening

Sidney Shepherd for hire come with our own sound and lighting. We pride ourselves on bringing one of the most modern and chic looking DJ set ups available to hire in the UK. Check out our videos of recent events to see it live in action!

Sidney Shepherd DJ perform a multitude of genres. When you hire us are able to personalise the playlist to your party. Every party is different and every wedding is different. It is important that the DJ reads the rooms and reacts to the tastes of your party.

How much does it cost to hire a DJ?

Accordingly to a google survey, the cost to hire just a DJ, without equipment, in U.K ranges from £250 to £500; however this depends entirely on the size of the event, equipment needed, timeframe, the amount of equipment and the quality of DJ. Our price for a DJ is around £650, which includes Professional Entertaining MC, Lights, Equipment (Lights, Cordless Microphones, Speakers, Scrolling Texts, Song Requests) and is dependant on location. We pride ourselves on offering a premium service at an affordable rate. We proudly accept song requests from you and your guests.

When we hire a DJ, can we make requests?

With all bookings we set up an online forum where you can build a playlist prior to the date. This is the perfect way of giving the dj the style of music you want at your wedding, we will also ask you to make your own playlits and invite your friends and family to add their favourite music too in that playlist. We will then take requests on the night and personalise the evening to your wedding guests tastes.