Sidney Shepherd – Lord You’re Good To Me ( Snippets )

Sidney Shepherd – Lord You’re Good To Me ¬†( EP Snippets )

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Here are the snippets from the Album

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Album features some of the greatest artists

Neresa Maye
Lloyd Wade

Dileesa Hunter

Oliver Cruz Valle


Justin G

Daniel Ogan

And Many more. All songs written by Sidney Shepherd. You will be familiar with one or two beats and a song. The project was first started over 13 years ago, but God’s timing is always the best. I had to go through many battles and hurdles in life to come to this stage. Originally there are suppose to be 13 songs on the Album, but more will be released at a later date. I first produced the songs along side Magmat Studios, but then approached the best producer and family friend, Rockizm, who took it to the most current stage. Neresa Maye co wrote Lord You’re Good to me.

All credit is due to to the Almighty God for allowing this project to take place. I also want to thank S.O.S Band for giving our ages such good songs as Just Be Good To Me, where I got the idea from.